Respecting the most respectable Senior Citizens

Just thought of sharing my views on how we as a society treating the so called senior citizens. Senior citizens in other words our parents or parent’s parents are ill-treated these days. Sorry for saying it bluntly, i should say “they are not being treated with respect”.

Why they should be respected?

They are our roots if we consider ourselves as grown trees. Without root there is no tree, which means without them we cannot exist. So they deserve utmost respect. They got nothing but love to share with us and they are expecting nothing but our love and respect for them. Remember one day we will get old like them, so treat the same way you would expect from your children and grand children. If not for anything, we are living in the society which was once handled by them before our life. They got more exposure to this world, gained experience from lots of pain/suffering and most of all lived longer than us in this mother nature.

Many family suffer from relationship problems between spouse and kids due to lack of guidance/presence of senior citizens. Houses where the senior citizens are respected and has saying in all decision making are well crafted family with less or no relationship issues.

Recently most of the love marriages are broken and children are isolated due to nuclear family structure. Think if you are picking up a fight for a silly reason, what would happen if there is a presence of seniors at home. They would chime in to resolve it and you yourself will understand we are fighting for no reason. If there is no one around, think of that situation. Anything could happen, it could end up in heated arguments or worse physical assault.

Let me be honest myself, its not easy in this fast moving lifestyle. They are sometime annoying or poking on small mistakes or big drama for no reasons. But that doesn’t mean they are less valued to us. They are like kids if you really understand the knack to handle them. Surprise them with small gifts, appreciate them in front of family members, taking them out for dinner, talk to them when they feel lonely, ask them how they are feeling every single day, smile at them, share how is your life outside home and most of all listen to what they had to say. Trust me your life will be blessed with happy senior citizen at home. Try today and enjoy the joy of living happily.

Why they are treated with no respect?

Should i say anything on this topic, don’t we all know already. Unless this blog was read by the senior citizen themselves i can rest assure you all set with plenty of information.

P.S. I have spent quite an amount of time at senior homes and trust me all they need is someone to show them love and respect. You don’t need to spend a dollar for that. Its a shame on us to create a society filled with too many old age homes and less joint family. Let’s begin in our house and be the change we wanted to see. Good luck 🙂

Reminders for healthy lifestyle

Initially I thought of a title “unhealthy lifestyles and their harms”, but don’t we all know that already. So let’s remind us on things we already knew but could not follow due to various reasons. I would never say we are lazy to live healthy. There are genuine reasons why we are following certain lifestyle which is not healthy.

Below are few reminders to keep us on the right track.

Reminder #1: Sleep is the most important thing for us to regain the energy lost during the day. Let us consciously take actions to ensure we get 6 to 8 hours of sleep without any disturbance at-least 5 days a week.

Reminder #2: Limit our snacking habits to once a day instead of throughout of the day. Especially on the days we stay at home all day. During that day we have access to kitchen all the time. Also switch to healthy snacks like boiled corn, fruit salad, smoothie, raw vegetables, etc. You know what i mean.

Reminder #3: Give ourself sometime free from electronic devices especially TV and Cellphones. At least 2 hours a day either in the morning or in the evening. Keeping the TV off and silent mode in cellphone would do the magic. This will help us resurface the beautiful habits we had before technology like pencil drawing, cleaning the house, writing hand written letters, reading printed booked, so on.

Reminder #4: Few minutes of meditation each day at the same time and at the same place makes huge development in our life. Trust me it works like a magic. Your own inner voice is heard while meditating and that would bring lot of positive changes in life.

Reminder #5: Brisk walking for 30 to 45 mins straight on each day eliminates all the unnecessary heaviness in body and boost our digestive systems. We can get rid of gastric trouble, stressful stools within a week of practising. Also helps us relax from the busy/stressful work life.

Reminder #6: Hydrating our body naturally will eliminate stress, anxiety and blood pressure. Drink only water while your are thirsty, no cool drinks or coffee. Your body needs water to keep us hydrated. Don’t we remember our parents say drink some water when your nervous.

Reminder #7: Avoid taking allopathic medicines on a frequent basis. There are numerous natural ways to heal our body from cold, fever, headaches and so on. Try them instead of running to drug store all the time. Keep in mind allopathic medicines including paracetamol (fever reducer) has adverse side effect on a long run.

Reminder #8: Don’t wear uncomfortable clothes especially while sleeping and during long travels. This will help you a lot to stay relaxed and enjoy the moments. Remember the days when you traveled in pajama style clothing. How relaxing was that, isn’t it. Wear clothes to match the weather as well.

Reminder #9: Reduce or avoid smoking/drinking alcohol. Nothing more to say, you know the rest. Just so you know smoking never helps with stress. It does the opposite developing the craving for the next smoke.

Reminder #10: Happiness in life is more important than our work. When we fall sick, it’s our family around us not our boss or our colleagues. Spend time with your loved once, it will also help you to focus on your work. Make sure the intention is not to take break from work.

Hope these are enough to keep our life challenging, yet healthy. Please do share your comments, i would definitely appreciate that. See you later.

Silence is your best friend

It may sound funny and not true, but it’s real. Silence is your best friend. Think you are sitting in your sofa and got no one around. No TV, no cellphone or anything of that sort. Pure silence. You don’t need to go to Himalayas just your house is perfect. That’s when your friend starts her conversations. You will love it when you try this more frequent than you could imagine.

Silence is not just absence of sound and mere boring thing. It’s an amazing friend you could possibly find in the real world. She doesn’t complain or expect anything from you. Always be kind and nice. You will enjoy her company for sure. Sorry to mention in feminine type, it’s just want for narrative.

Not to mention there is science behind this, there must be a reason behind our ancestors sitting quite and learnt everything around the world even beyond that without any technology existing. Why should we miss our dearest and best friend waiting for so long. Please do spend more time with your best friend and do share your feedback.

Below are few motivators

  1. Silence could lead you to stress free lifestyle
  2. Silence bring your BP in control.
  3. Silence is the beginning of spiritual world including meditation
  4. Silence isn’t that hard to try
  5. Silence will definitely make you a better human being with lots of love and happiness

P.S. you could win lot of arguments being silent except you need to face the other person most likely screaming/yelling at you.

God bless you all. Share your comments below. Love to hear from you.

You Only Need YOU to Survive

Good one. Please read it.

Brittian is Mental

“Welp hi there Bartholomew. I missed you this morning. We had pancakes.”

Bartholomew was my first true friend. He’s been absolutely everywhere with me since I was at least five years old, probably before as well. But this is the first time I vividly remember speaking to my first favorite. My only best friend at the time.

Now, Bartholomew, came in all different shapes and sizes, but for some odd reason the only image I remember of my dear best friend is when I was a little girl. He being identical, and I mean identical to Gaston from Beauty and The Beast.

If you have no idea who this Gaston might be, he is considered the poster boy for a typical douche of a man and the true definition of a Narcissistic asshole.

And of course, Gaston’s appearance was charming, attractive, and confident. A look that’s hard to ignore.


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Natural Treatment for Bipolar

Welcome to this blog. In previous blog I shared about bipor and it’s conditions. In this blog I am going to discuss about the best treatment I got as a patient.

Nature is the best cure for all disease and conditions like bipolar. Thank god and doctor Edward Bach for discovering flower therapy and shared it our world 100 years back. I started taking flower medicine 3 years back and I am still using it. It’s one of the best medicine for all kinds of mental related conditions. Flower therapy information can be easily found in internet. Widely famous in UK, australia and other countries across the globe. I will talk about its benefits. Since the medicine is an extract from flowers grown in UK there are no side effects whatsoever. It can be taken along with Alophathic medicine as supplement. That’s how i started taking it. Now I am completely off Alophathic tablets and fully into flower medicine. It’s very effective because the whole idea behind flower therapy is that nature has means to control human mind. Bipolar is related to mind and the mood swings. It’s a perfect match.

After taking flower medicine I am able to easily cope up with anger and related emotions. It is like a due drops in a small container, I keep it with me all the time and use it as and when I needed it. There was an instant when I got angry and started having physical fight with security. Instantly after taking flower medicine I was able to bounce back to normal condition. Another instance where my friend beat me for a silly reason and I was able to keep silent and not even thought of hitting him back. I apologized and left the place without any argument. My silence was more powerful than slapping his face hundred times.

Flower medicine works instantly and also gives best results in a long run. I am not against Alophathic medicine at all. If you are comfortable with mood stabilizers and sleeping dose continue with that. Be aware it’s not good for your health on a long run. Use it for the beginning, then try flower medicine as supplement and one day shift completely to flower medicine. I promise you will be amazed to see the results. It’s been in practice for over 100 years now.

If you are looking for a therapist in India please let me know. I will be happy to help you. For your information I am also practising flower therapy to help myself and others if possible.

Thanks for your support. Stay healthy and stay happy. We are here in this world to live happier. God bless you.

Famous mistakes in parenting

Being a parent isn’t easy, my own experience is the proof. Being a parent at the age of 25 is an air drop in the middle of a dark forest. Based on my own experience only i have few of the frequently done mistakes done in parenting across the globe.

  1. Treating the child like an adult
  2. Considering we are in control of their lives
  3. Constantly pointing out their mistakes
  4. Punishments
  5. Comparing your own child with others

Treating the child like an adult:

Remember the days we ask them “how can you be so careless?” or “Can’t you behave nice?”. Don’t you think these are the questions to be asked an adult not a child who is exploring everything in this world for the very first time in their beautiful life. I understand when the kids are shouting in a hospital, not when they are playing with the food at restaurant. For us, dignity stands in front of everything, but not for the kids.

Please try not to treat them like an adult. As a kids they are prone to do the same mistakes again, because for them its not. So reiterate in a motherly fashion not like a Hitlor giving them ultimatum. I remember my wife saying you won’t get the Christmas gift if you don’t stop watching TV. This may look very simple for us to do, but for the kids its a big deal. My son almost cried the whole night after that incident and my wife wasn’t ready to console him. How cruel we are? I have done lot more than that so i am not saying i am perfect. Just sharing the mistakes we did as a parent. So always give them a chance and treat them like a child who they really are.

Considering we are in control of their lives:

As a parent, we all think just because they are our kids we are in control of their life. Is it really true, i doubt. We are given a responsibility to bring up the child in a natural way. Some kids learn from their mistake, how can they if you never let them do mistakes. One of my friend doesn’t bring his child to my house, i thought it was just my house then i realised he never takes his kid out because he is naughty. Once he broke something on his friends house and screaming, so that is the end of his life. We force kids to do lot of things regardless of whether it is good for them or not. If a kid doesn’t like broccoli, its ok. We don’t have to tell this to everyone who sees them and complain. Make them feel guilty of their actions. Please try not to do such things consciously. Kids love their parents more than anyone, lets not make them feel bad for their likes and dislikes. Its who they are just accept them.

Constantly pointing out their mistakes

When my son was 3 years old, just 3 i was constantly scolding him for not sharing his toys with the neighbourhood kids. Now i know its wrong, but at that time i want my kid to be socially skilled and generous in sharing. What a stupid thought i had?. No one is going to judge your parenting based on your kids mistakes. Even if they do, please ignore them. Mistakes that are constantly pointed out becomes their habit. So we are invariably building so called bad habits by complaining. If they do repeated mistakes, tell them like you would tell next door kids. We are always very nice with other kids isn’t it. When was the last time we complained to the other kid about their mistakes. We give them a chance to change, but not for our kids. See the good in them and start appreciating it. That will build good habits and they will feel proud about themselves. What more we can do to our kids than boosting their self-esteem.


My personal opinion is any way of punishment on kids is an offence. We are not suppose to give any punishment, even if it is a time out. Who are we to punish them, being parents doesn’t give any rights to hurt their feelings. Punishment itself is a sin, even if it helps them in the future. Instead of punishments express how you feel about them gently. “Kiddo i was little upset when left my hand and started running on the street, you could have got seriously hurt”. Instead of that we are trained to punish them like this “How dare you do that right in front of me, you will get no TV time and we are not taking you to that animation movie”. It may not be a best example, i hope you understand what i am trying to say. Rest of the world is going to punish them for their mistakes anyway, at least we can give them the room for improvement without punishment. Be a good friend for them, that is what the kids really want from the parents a BEST FRIEND.

Comparing your own child with others

This one is unique, unlike other mistakes we do this is so special. Because we know comparing them is not right, yet we do it. So i shouldn’t call this as a mistake, rather cruel thing we do as a parents. How can we compare 2 souls which are totally different. Even comparing with their siblings are not fair. Lets take a ought that we will not compare them at any point. Many kids are psychologically affect because their parents always compare them with other kids especially their brother or sister. Please read the blogs and videos on the flip side of comparing the kids its really dangerous. This can be easily corrected and stopped immediately. After all they are the gods gift for us, how can we complain its not better compare to the other kids. Embrace them, enjoy your life as a parent by always appreciating them. Treat them special, you are first and the best person they trust when it comes to their abilities and confidence. Its a shame on us (pardon me) compare them and tell them you are not the best.

what is bipolar?

To begin with I am not going to write from a doctors perspective. Its truly from a person with bipolar perspective. I was 31 yrs old when i was first diagnosed as bipolar disorder. Tag given to me was i am in maniac phase by a famous psychiatrists in Connecticut, USA. I had no clue about bipolar at that point hence felt offended when i was called a maniac. I know the word meaning at that point, so i reacted in an attitude showing off. Now i realise what she meant, and now i agree i was in maniac phase. So if you ever come across this situation don’t get mad or at least try not to get mad.

Few months later, i started reading about bipolar condition (its not a disorder from my perspective). You can google it, but in a nutshell its a mood swing condition. Person with this condition could feel like a god (for a period which is called maniac phase) and totally into lost condition (for a period which is called depression phase). Combination of these 2 phases is called an episode which could last for a month to 3 months in my case. I am 35 years now, and i have experienced such episodes for multiple times at least 3 times. There were some smaller episodes which didn’t affect my life significantly. Those 3 times were horrible. Changed my life completely from fairly tale to horrible tragedy.

Good news is i have now recovered from the fall and back on my foot. It wasn’t easy though. Will tell you my story, i was in US earning decent money with my working wife and a beautiful child. Once i got into so called maniac phase, in my head i was completely normal in fact having a ton of confidence but i was spending lot of money on shopping/gambling, rash driving car, making new unwanted friends, having extra marital affairs, fighting with my loved once, sleepless nights, finally ended up in a treatment centre. That is when i realised i need special attention. My sleep schedule, diet, bathing time, everything was controlled by someone else. Life was horrible with that feeling “that life not having control on our own self”. I was on medication during the treatment and i was discharged once they felt i am not going to hurt my wife for admitting in hospital. I flew back to india which is my motherland, and felt good for a while with the medicines until i got into my second episode. You might wonder what about the depression phase of the episode. I will come back to that later.

During the second episode my wife and kids weren’t with me, i was staying at my parents place. I had a huge fight with my parents and told them to get out since i built the house with my money. I was alone with no job, no money to spend. I started selling all my stuffs right from the motorcycle till my furniture. Finally i was having nothing but my laptop and bed sheets to sleep. That is when i was admitted in another treatment centre in india, this time my mother admitted me while my wife and kid were still in US. My wife had no clue whats going on in my life because my parents don’t talk to her.

This time the treatment period was longer that 10 days in US hospital. I spent 6 months in the treatment where i learnt i could survive without medication provided i am in a restricted condition. Meaning i don’t have access to mobile, money or whatsoever. To be honest i started feeling comfortable and i was helping the centre members like a volunteer. Once i came out of the treatment i was feeling ok, but my parents thought otherwise so they admitted me in another centre for another 6 months. 1 year gone already in treatment centre, finally i came to conclusion this condition can be treatment if i am aware of my mood swings. I stopped using mobile phones and told myself not to get a job which will give me access to money. So i involved myself in service, i worked in de-addiction centre for an year and worked in old age homes for few months. Life was so meaningful than the white collar job in IT company. My family understood my situation and greatly supporting me. They provide shelter, food and cash for some travel expenses.

If you are a bipolar or living with bipolar, you need to understand few things. One, even though the mood swings are unpredictable, you could learn to watch the signs based on the previous episodes. In my case, if i start talking too much, willing spend more money for nothing, sleepless nights, over productive, quick reflex in thoughts and started bragging something unrealistic. These are the signs i am getting into maniac phase. During that time, restrict yourself or your partner with limited cash and limited access to mobile phones. Admit yourself/partner in a treatment centre based on the situation. For instance if that person started abusing physically, he/she definitely needs treatment in-house. You can’t treat them at home, unless you are an expert in handling bipolar which is most unlikely to happen.

Second, give them the emotional support needed for them to recover if they understand their situation. In the case of self, reach out for help from your friends and family. You will be amazed to see the results. There are good people out there who cares for us. Give them the chance to help us.

Third, once the episodes are over don’t self-pity or have any guilt. Either of them is not going to help. Instead learn what we can do better at the next time. Create an environment where you are invariably monitored by third person (not family members) who can tell you honestly when you are not at your best. Those are the positive measure we can take to handle this.

Let me stop giving advise and tell you the other side of the coin. Bipolar to me is not something dangerous to life or something of that sort. There are cases people attempt suicide or kill themselves during depression phase. But don’t get scared of that. Be cautious but nothing to worry about. Even a normal person has high chance of committing suicide due to various reasons. I enjoy my life after realising the fact during maniac phase i could literally do anything i believe i can do at the best. I feel like a god or son of god. All my outputs/results were awesome, some of my best works were done when i was having maniac phase. Good thing about bipolar is other than the close family no one would be able to tell the difference. In fact they admire me when i am maniac because i am sharp at that time. My answers to their questions will be like Sherlock homes talking to their clients. Bright side to bipolar is you can channel your boosted energy to something good for yourself or others. I work like a machine without sleep for more than 3 days straight. And i won’t even feel tired after that. Isn’t it amazing.

Only people with super power could do some of the stuff i did my life. So i am proud that i have bipolar. I have had rough part of my life, but who doesn’t have it. So I thank god for bipolar, otherwise i couldn’t have done what i did in my life. I am currently practising couple of naturally therapy for healing others. Its called flower therapy and reflexology. I promise i would have lived my life like a selfish if i didn’t have bipolar. Now i am giving care for old age people, give natural treatment for poor people and part of multiple social work organisations. None of this could have happened if i was working in IT company as a manager. God bless bipolar. Share your comments and thoughts below. I am happy to answer any of your questions even if it is very personal.

Lead a happy life, its in your hand right from your birth. Tragedy is we don’t know that.